Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700

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Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700

SKU#: 543700

543700  Rola-Chem RC25/53SP 120V Pro Peristaltic Pump with Cord For Chemical Feeders


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Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700 Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700 Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700
Rola-Chem Pro Series Pump | 543700
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    About this product


    Install the ROLA-CHEM® pump in an area protected from natural elements (sun, rain, freezing, etc.).
    Environmental effects may increase required service and maintenance.
    The inlet side of the pump must be above the incoming liquid and the chemical container.
    Flooded suction is not required or recommended.
    Ensure that the tube can be routed without allowing it to kink.
    Do not install directly above the chemical container or other equipment that can be damaged by chemicals. Wall mounting key slots are provided on the rear of the pump enclosure (6.25” apart for #10 screws).
    Comply with local health codes. Cross connections must not allow undesired chemical treatment.


    • A quick-release cover for fast tubing access
    • Electronic controls for extended motor life
    • A three-way switch controls Time/OFF/Continuous
    • Self-priming pump
    • Includes Clear Tygon and Black Norprene Squeeze Tubes
    • 30 psi rating
    • 18-ft. suction lift
    • Pumps operate on 9-minute cycles
    • Available in 120V corded or permanent wire
    • Maximum amps – 2.5
    • One-year limited warranty (tubing not included)
    • Manufactured in the USA


    Brand Information

    Rola-Chem Corporation manufactures Peristaltic Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers, Chemical Storage Tanks and Flow Meters for the commercial swimming pool and SPA markets. Paradise Industries markets the Paradise SPA Vac™, Pool Sentry™ water leveler, Turbo Brush, Scumbug™ oil absorbing sponge Ultra Screen skimmer basket liner, Ultra Net skimmer net cover, Ultra Mitt cleaning glove, Ultra Patch pool cover patch, Ultra Strip solar cover patch, Ultra Handle hose carry / hanger and the Algae-Bugger II cartridge filter brush for the swimming pool and SPA Markets.

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