Pentair Rainbow Bromine /Chlorine Replacement Nipple | R172256

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Pentair Rainbow Bromine /Chlorine Replacement Nipple | R172256

SKU#: R172256

Pentair Rainbow 1/2 Inch Nipple For Model 320, 322,300-29X  Automatic Chemical Feeders

  • Pentair Nipple, For Use With: Model 320, 322 In-Line Automatic Chemical Feeder,
  • Commercial Size Chemical Feeder, Model 300-29X Automatic Chemical Feeder,
  • Automatic Chemical Feeder Optional Drain Kit, Connection Size: 1/2 Inch, Connection Type: Short MPT

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Pentair Rainbow Bromine /Chlorine Replacement  Nipple | R172256
Pentair Rainbow Bromine /Chlorine Replacement  Nipple | R172256
  • Product Details

    About this product


    Completely enclosed system

    Manufactured by Pentair

    ChemStar Inline Chlorinator


    Brand Information

    Founded in 1966, Pentair has engineered water solutions to filter, clean and sanitize water to its purest state, while automation equipment makes it all easy to control from anywhere so that you can truly enjoy your pool and spa.

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  • Specifications

    Exercise extreme caution when opening or servicing the feeder. Do not inhale fumes. Wear protective gear. Follow the manufacturer's suggestions for handling the chemical.

    1. If below water level, close the control valve and drain any water in the feeder by removing the ¼" NPT plug in the bottom, or by opening the valve on the optional drain kit. After draining, reinstall the plug (use thread seal tape) or close the drain valve.

    2. Remove the cap of the feeder and fill it with Trichlor or bromine tablets. For maximum dispensary rate use of 1" diameter tablets, 3" tablets produce less than 40% of 1" tablets.

    3. Make sure the O-Ring is clean, lubricated with Lifeguard Silicone, and in place, replace the cap. Hand tightens only.

    4. Turn on the pump and timer switches. Open the control valve to #5 for one minute; which will allow the feeder to fill with water. Adjust the control valve according to your pool's size. Larger numbers dispense more sanitizer. The water in a newly filled pool should be properly conditioned to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the Lifeguard Automatic Feeder. Consult your local pool dealer for water conditioning information in your area. Refer to the tablet container for recommended residual. It is recommended that the sanitizer level be checked daily for the first 5 days. Remember that on hot days higher water temperature or increased pool activity will cause your pool to use more sanitizer. When possible, increase the feed a day or two in advance.

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