CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly | 25581-090-000

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CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly | 25581-090-000

SKU#: 25581-090-000

CMP SpaMaster 25581-090-000 Gunite Jet Body Assembly 2 in slip x 1.5in slip x 2.5 in Slip with niche

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CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly  | 25581-090-000 CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly  | 25581-090-000 CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly  | 25581-090-000
CMP 4" Gunite Jet Assembly  | 25581-090-000
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    1. Run ties through holes in the Jet Body braces, and attach to the rebar
    2. Estimate length of 2.5” PVC pipe as needed for wall thickness and cut longer than needed. Glue the 2.5” PVC pipe into the Jet Body.
    Cap the other end of the 2.5” pipe for pressure testing.
    3. After the pool is gunited, chip out the wall around the pipe to provide enough area for the Niche. Cut pipe and glue niche onto pipe.
    4. Glue the Threaded Ring onto on end of the 1” pipe. Lubricate the o-ring on threaded ring. Insert the threaded ring end of this assembly inside the 2.5” PVC and thread clockwise into jet body until tight. Make a mark on the 1” PVC pipe that is flush with the end of the
    niche or the inside face of the deep dish niche. Remove this assembly from the jet body by turning counter-clockwise.
    5. Shorten the length of the 1” PVC pipe by measuring 3.5” back from the mark on the pipe and cut. Glue wall fitting onto the cut end.
    Lube o-ring on threaded ring. Tighten with gunite jet tool. Pressure testing the water line can now be done by threading the gunite jet
    tool into the wall fitting until tight.
    5. Choose the desired jet face internal and the desired Jet Orifice. Thread jet internal into wall fitting until tight.


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    CMP is a leader in products for the recreational pool and spa industry. Innovative products from CMP include sanitizer systems, white goods, LED lighting, water features and accessories. CMP is committed to creating solutions for pool and spa industry professionals. Spa designers, pool builders, bath manufacturers and retail store owners around the world depend on CMP products, service and support.

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